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Centre for Re-Sourceful Leadership


Clearly we live in a time of profound global disruption fuelled by our insatiable and unsustainable lifestyle.


One manifestation of this disruption is a collective, fear-filled lurch towards fundamentalism, fragmentation and isolation. This future looks bleak.


However, there is an alternative future seeking to emerge, rippling out from individuals and communities across the globe, embraced by people of all walks of life.


This alternative future is a co-created journey towards a collective sense of identity as a species. Looking beyond any socially constructed differences, it embraces our common humanity, inspired by a common Source.

The journey begins with profound self-reflection that we use the words 'Reflexive Turn' to describe. With enhanced self-awareness we can honestly look at the contribution we make to both the unsustainable future and its co-created alternative. From the base of our own Source we then bring our best selves to the collective venture.

At the Centre for Re-Sourceful Leadership we support individuals and communities as they forge a meaningful life in these challenging times. We do this through small, temporary, focused, pop-up learning communities called Reflexive Learning Pods. Additionally, our Reflexive Conversations Podcast will offer opportunities to hear how others have fared on their journey from personal to collective Source. The Reflexive Moments Blog will offer on-gong reflections on our unfolding experience while drawing attention to additional resources.

We hope you find the material on this site helpful on your personal and communal adventure and really look forward to meeting you in one of our Reflexive Learning Pods.

Reflexive Learning Pods

Reflexive Learning Pods are best described as virtual, 'pop-up' learning communities of between 6 and 10 participants.
Reflexive Moments Blog
Hiking Trail
On-going reflections on the manner in which we forge meaning out of the events that surround us.
Reflexive Conversations Podcast
Learning from the experiences of others. A series of reflexive conversations with individuals and communities striving to live from Source.