• Bobby Moore

Book Launch with David Gavaghan and John Richards

Reflexive Supervision…

A conversation across professions

Thursday 27th April - 10.30 – 13.30 (Buffet lunch provided)

Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts, Duncairn Avenue, Belfast BT14 6BP

Featuring the launch of

Reflexive Supervision: a workbook for learning within and across professions

by: Bobby Moore

Practitioners, in a wide range of professions, struggle to maintain effectiveness while offsetting burnout, to nurture creativity while meeting increased demands. Yet effectiveness and creativity entail intense engagement with clients’ emotional struggles. In response, reflexive supervision offers a new framework for generative conversations, fuelled by listening to ignite, that blends familiar models with emerging insights from neuroscience.

Reflexive supervision conversations can help turn emotion into insight while reducing anxiety by:

Deepening our capacity to accurately resonate with the emotions of others: through enhanced emotional intelligence.

Broadening our theoretical understanding: through accessing the established and emerging wisdom of our own and other professions.

Enhancing our practical skills: through designing more accurate interventions of greater use to those we work with.

Reducing the risk of burnout: through processing the impact of other's emotions on us.

Decreasing the chance that we simply impose our own emotional struggles and dilemmas on those we work with: through greater self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Limiting the potential for silo-type thinking: through re-connecting to our own source while co-creating rich conversations across professions.

Join us, in the creative environment of the Culture and Arts Centre, as conversation host David Gavaghan (NI Chair of CBI) is joined by, John Richards (International Consultant and former Director of Social Services, EHSSB) as keynote contributor. Be part of the conversation with colleagues from education, psychology, psychotherapy, faith perspectives, social work, nursing, complementary therapies, police service and others. Together we will explore the capacity of reflexive supervision to help us co-create meaning across professional boundaries.


If you can make it please confirm with

Anne Moore at by Friday 14th April

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