• Bobby Moore

Reflexive Supervision: a workbook for learning within and across professions

I’m delighted, and relieved, to be able to say that, Reflexive Supervision: a workbook for learning within and across professions, is now available through Amazon.

My hope is that it will be of use to supervisors and supervisees in a wide range of professions where you find yourself helping people manage emotional experiences. As a supervisor you might also recommend it to your supervisees and use it together as a workbook to enhance the learning relationship.

As practitioners experience increasingly intense emptions in their work reflexive supervision conversations can turn emotion into insight while reducing anxiety by:

Deepening our capacity to accurately resonate with the emotions of others: through enhanced emotional intelligence.

Broadening our theoretical understanding: through accessing the established and emerging wisdom of our own and other professions.

Developing our practical skills: through designing more accurate interventions of greater use to those we work with.

Reducing the risk of burnout: through processing the impact of other's emotions on us.

Decreasing the risk that we simply impose our own emotional struggles and dilemmas on those we work with: through greater self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Limiting the potential for silo-type thinking: through re-connecting to our own source while co-creating rich conversations across professions.


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