Leadership by influence recognises that the quality of your presence makes  a difference to others. You might want to make a difference that leaves others better off than you found them, with greater happiness, fulfilment and energy for example.

  • However, you cannot simply give another happiness, fulfilment or energy.  No matter how much you desire it for the other, their capacity to achieve it is limited by their own capabilities to recieve.

  • Therefore, as a leader, you are not accountable for whether or not they have happiness, fulfilment and energy. You do not need to carry responsibility for it as a millstone round your neck.

  • However, what you can do is nuture the relationships, host the conversations and facilitate the environments that give them the best chance of having greater happiness, fulfilment and energy.

  • Therefore you are accountable for the quality of the relationships you nurture, the conversations you host and the environments you facilitate.

  • Furthermore, your ability to provide relationships, conversations and environments that make happiness, fulfilment and energy possible for others is directly related to the level of your own happiness, fulfilment and energy.

  • Therefore, to be most re-sourceful for the other, you embody these qualities in yourself first.  Leadership is more about who you are becoming than what you do.

Through the reflexive turn leaders attend more to the quality or their own presence than preoccupation, in ruminations or gossip, with their perceived deficits of others. We offer individual and team reflexive supervision, coaching and training to support you on the reflexive journey in leadership.

Reflexive Supervision

Leaders are life-long learners. Routine supervison conversations maximise learning while minimising the risk of burnout.



Honing your practice of leadership while maintaining a creative, wholistic approach to life e.g. physical health, quality of relationships, spiritual awareness, is supported through shorter-term, focused coaching conversations

Leaders Who Can Sleep Through the Storm
  • Explore your philosophy of leadership.

  • Enhance your ability to harness the creative potential of conflict.

  • Practice the art of facilitating leanring environments.

Diploma in Reflexive Supervision.



Individual and Team Coaching.



Training Programmes.